What is the Legislature?

In this podcast we talk about the legislative branch of government, its responsibility, and tasks.

The legislature (Parliament) is the representative of the people of South Africa. It consists of two Houses: the National Assembly and the National Council of Provinces. Parliament creates, amends or repeals laws, and monitors the executive.

The 400 plus 90 representatives are given their mandates through elections, and vote on issues of national importance in Parliament. The proportional representation of different political parties in Parliament ensures that a diversity of opinions and interests can be represented.

Parliament is responsible for passing laws and for holding the executive branch of government accountable. The power of Parliament is limited by the Constitution, and a two-thirds majority of votes in the National Assembly is needed for a constitutional amendment.

Through its work, the Parliament is tasked to make sure that the interests of the people of South Africa are represented in all its diversity.

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