City Councillor Training in Cape Town

Interactive City Councillor Training workshops at the City of Cape Town Council Chambers make use of our Civics Academy Video Series on Local Government in South Africa. Skilful facilitation and small groups provided for great opportunities to engage with the material and to discuss practical experience. 

The training sessions were already a great success in pre-COVID times and were now arranged in a setting that allowed for “social distancing” as well as interactive group working. City Councillors and Ward Council Members used the opportunity to share experience from their daily work and to discuss problem solving approaches and best practices.

South African experts for public and constitutional law as well as local government structures had written the scripts for our Civics Academy Local Government Video Series. The animated videos explain the key topics of the Local Government system in the country, for example the structure of municipalities and the role of a municipal councillor. The series is available in English, isiXhosa and Afrikaans.